Ruthie! Shoes!

Wittner has been tormenting me of late. You see, no one EVER names items after my name – I think I’ve found one pen with ‘Ruth’ written on it, but it was floral and ugly and no thank you. Not that I’m really into monogrammed la de da anyway, but its always nice to find something with your name on the rack.

So when Wittner sent me an email with a picture of shoes with MY NAME ON THEM (well, next to them), I was instantly in awe, and immediately fell in love with said shoes.


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5 documentaries for people who hate documentaries

5 documentaries for people who hate documentaries

Even the word ‘documentary’ is boring to me. Truly. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that when I sit down to watch TV, I want to escape into a bubblegum world of happy mindlessness. Documentaries DEFINITELY don’t fit this description.

Recently, however, I have realised the power behind watching a good doco. Not only can you sit and watch something, but you can gain a little more insight into something that you’ve probably never thought about.

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My $2000 Broom

I know what you're thinking: How can anyone possibly spend $2000 on a BROOM?

I know what you’re thinking (well not actually; do you think I can blog and read minds?) but what you’re thinking is, ‘oh honey, this broom is NOT WORTH $2000. I bought the same one from IKEA for like $20. Pleeease tell me you accidentally added two zeros to that?’

Well, yes and no. You see, the broom you see here is from IKEA. And it did cost something like $20 (they don’t seem to sell it anymore, or any brooms for that matter). But, to be honest, we NEVER sweep. HORROR. Never fear though, we still clean, I just vacuum everything, because Miele sucks dust better than brooms sweep it. Fact. Of. Life. Continue reading “My $2000 Broom”

Let’s dance the night away

My family has always had this tradition for Christmas Night: while everyone else is stuffing their faces with turkey and undoubtedly stealing batteries from the remote for new toy helicopters, we used to all cuddle up with a Milo and some chocolate money and turn on the BALLROOM DANCING.

It was a love that the girls we all shared; we got to look at people floating round a dance floor, looking elegant/sexy/graceful/tanned, wishing we could be like them, and, of course, the FASHUN. I could talk about ballroom dance outfits until your ears bleed and you undoubtedly can no longer understand words other than *ooh sparkles* *gahh I love her feathers* *no love, that is too much LEOPARD*.

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The Prestigious Liebster Award

Liebster Award - it's not orange

After blogging for just under one month, I was blown away when I found that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Rockford Peachy. THANK YOU! Rockford Peachy is a gem and I almost chose the same blog layout as her so that basically makes us soul sistas.

The Liebster Award gets passed from blogger to blogger to encourage bloggers to blog. It also helps bloggers to get involved in the blogger community, and get support from one another. As a part of the award I’ve answered a few questions and linked to a few blogs that I like, to nominate them for this Liebster honour. (Also, don’t you LOVE the word ‘blog’? Who came up with this word? I can’t stop saying it. Blog blog blog blogger blog blog.) Continue reading “The Prestigious Liebster Award”

Watching | The Walking Dead

walking dead1

When The Walking Dead first came out, I thought it was just one of those shows that girls only watch to prove that they are “such a nerd OMG”. And I just thought, NO. I was NOT willing to pretend that I need reading glasses, or that I like Big Bang Theory, or that Zooey Deschanel is my spirit animal, or even that I found it interesting to talk about the impending zombie apocalypse just to get attention. Because I really don’t.

I am so glad that girls have given up on the nerd strategy, but no doubt there’s something else they’ve all latched onto in the last three years that I’ve somehow missed. Either way, I never caved, but I did recently cave into watching The Walking Dead. And it did not disappoint.  Continue reading “Watching | The Walking Dead”

Last minute Grand Final Party


So I’m just going to go right ahead and say it;  the AFL grand final this year was super boring. So boring, in fact, that I seriously considered taking a nap during it, and just waking up in time to watch the cute little Auskick kids crown the winners with trucker caps. It was pretty clear from the beginning that Hawthorn would come out on top, even though the underdog-lover in me really wanted West Coast to win.

I don’t even go for West Coast!  I also don’t watch football, so there is that. But any excuse to decorate and eat themed food is a win for me.  Continue reading “Last minute Grand Final Party”

That time I touched a Monet painting

I’m hoping I won’t get arrested or snubbed by the art world for fessing up to this,  so I would like to stress before I get started that this was a TOTAL ACCIDENT and also occurred when I was 11.

It all started when my class went on a school excursion to the art gallery about 2 months earlier. I was one of those goody goody kids who never did anything wrong and got good marks and helped the teacher and all of those boring things. We did a tour of the gallery and I stood near the front and listened attentively and even tried my hardest not to giggle at the paintings with boobs in them.

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The first sunburn of the season

the-first-sunburn-of-the-season(location: Strathalbyn)

Every year I get shocked by the fact that, yes, the sun does come out in summer. It shouldn’t really be surprising, I mean, I’ve lived in hotpot AUSTRALIA for my whole life, and, each and every day year, that sun pops up and singes my precious redhead skin.

What is more surprising than a redhead getting sunburnt, however, is the amount of people who post: “oh wow, the sun came up!” on Facebook. I am as sun-loving as they come, but I think we can all agree that talking about the weather on Facebook is possibly even DULLER than talking about it in real life.
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Peanut Butter Besos Recipe

peanut butter besos

When we were engaged, Jonno and I built up an addiction to San Churros. We could just go there and refuse to talk about ‘all things wedding’ for an hour. It was refreshing and delicious. We’d like to think that we’re more adventurous with dessert places than Churros, but really, we just genuinely loved San Churros. But what really hooked us wasn’t the churros, or the atmosphere, or the peppy staff, or the break from wedding planning or the overtly orange branding of the store, no; it was the Peanut Butter Besos Continue reading “Peanut Butter Besos Recipe”