Why clothing racks suck


Unfortunately, we live in a flat that is completely wardrobe-less. There is not even a linen closet in sight. When we first moved in, I was stressing about this aspect, and Jonno was his usual calm self, saying things like ‘It’ll be fine, we don’t have that much stuff’. Um, yes we do. The fact that we have any stuff is an issue. Because there is not a smidgeon of storage (unless you’re into storing dresses in the kitchen). Continue reading “Why clothing racks suck”


How adult colouring saved my life

Yes, I confess, I am into adult colouring. Worse still, I love it. Maybe it’s the fact that I was the colouring competition queen when I was a kid (I was). But that love was different; that was the love of winning, because, to be honest, it wasn’t that I was good at it, it was just that everyone else really sucked. Either way, it cemented in me a deep love for the therapeutic art of staying within the lines.

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Which brings us to today. I’ve seen a few people posting online about adult colouring, but to be honest, it sounded kind of pointless to me. That was something I did as a kid that I grew out of, like hating bedtime or forgetting to wear underwear. Continue reading “How adult colouring saved my life”

I threw my husband a Bachelor party

It’s not what you think. You see, Jonno had to convince me to watch this season of The Bachelor. I’d actually never seen it before, I just kept up with last season through Rosie Recaps, bless her. To be honest, I felt like Blake (Season 2’s Bachelor) gave us enough drama for ten seasons. So I was surprised at how much I loved it when I did actually get around to watching it.

If you haven’t seen The Bachelor, basically a bunch of good-looking ladies fight over a good-looking man until he eventually decides who gets to make good-looking babies with him. Last night the finale aired, in which Sam Wood had to choose between beautiful Sydney-sider Lana and the stunning single mum from Perth, Snezana. And in my opinion, he chose right. #teamsnez Continue reading “I threw my husband a Bachelor party”