Ruthie! Shoes!

Wittner has been tormenting me of late. You see, no one EVER names items after my name – I think I’ve found one pen with ‘Ruth’ written on it, but it was floral and ugly and no thank you. Not that I’m really into monogrammed la de da anyway, but its always nice to find something with your name on the rack.

So when Wittner sent me an email with a picture of shoes with MY NAME ON THEM (well, next to them), I was instantly in awe, and immediately fell in love with said shoes.



Well, that’s how I felt. I truly doubt Wittner is yet to notice my existence. But, they totally made these shoes for me because:

(a) There is no one else my age named Ruthie.

(b) These shoes have me written all over them.

Then, of course, after the initial shock and delight, I scrolled down in an attempt to purchase these beastly beings. Alas, another shock pierced my heart. Friends, they are $200. Or $199.95999999999999^. I might, just maybe, spend this much on a pair of sturdy boots that last me through countless winters, but on heeled sandals? How do I justify?

I had to resolve to simply saving them to my wishlist, but haven’t quite gained the courage to close the tab just yet. So I have a browser tab open that constantly says: RUTHIE! SHOES! These shoes are actually calling to me.

But until they go on a ridiculous sale, I will be waiting in the wings for you, dear Ruthie shoes.

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