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walking dead1

When The Walking Dead first came out, I thought it was just one of those shows that girls only watch to prove that they are “such a nerd OMG”. And I just thought, NO. I was NOT willing to pretend that I need reading glasses, or that I like Big Bang Theory, or that Zooey Deschanel is my spirit animal, or even that I found it interesting to talk about the impending zombie apocalypse just to get attention. Because I really don’t.

I am so glad that girls have given up on the nerd strategy, but no doubt there’s something else they’ve all latched onto in the last three years that I’ve somehow missed. Either way, I never caved, but I did recently cave into watching The Walking Dead. And it did not disappoint. 

I really enjoy this show. Actually, I should say, I really enjoy watching half of this show, because the other half I spend with my face buried in the couch, hoping that the killing/axing/head-splitting will just be over so that I can watch the soap-like drama that always ensues. That basically sums up the show actually. There’s a bunch of people (including Mark from Love Actually!) who’ve banded together to survive during one of those zombie apocalypse scenarios. Except you can’t call them zombies in a zombie movie, as Jonno has informed me, so instead they’re called ‘walkers’.

Walking Dead Costume

We get to follow the troupe’s story as they traipse around the countryside, scavenging supplies, destroying walkers, becoming walkers, fending for themselves, attacking each other, having babies?, trying to set up house, dealing with horrid humans, getting covered in blood, losing limbs etc. You know, usual stuff. The drama is great. SO great, in fact, that I’m considering giving up on The Bachelorette just to watch more of it. I am hooked.

Not to mention the fact that SEASON 6 IS COMING OUT on Sunday, and the Adelaide Zombie Walk is on Saturday (not that I am going to this as I believe I would genuinely be terrified), AND Sydney is celebrating with a giant zombie hand. Adelaide will not have a giant zombie hand, so instead I photographed what we do have: a giant run-down park with barbed wire around it. So proud of you Adelaide. Here is me with said park and a very bloody back:


NOTE: Kids, I would not wear this if I was an apocalypse-survivor. No! This is way too dull and practical. Think of the stores that would be totally abandoned! Chanel! Harry Winston! Dolce & Gabbana! BAGDLEY MISCHKA! Yes, if I survived, I would be running around in a blinging ball gown. Because WHY NOT?

2 thoughts on “Watching | The Walking Dead

  1. ohmygosh this makes me so happy because I resisted the Walking Dead for 3.5 seasons then started watching (except for the gory scenes like you, which I squint through my hair at) and now I am OBSESSED with it!!! I love your #walkingdeadfilter too.


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