My $2000 Broom

I know what you're thinking: How can anyone possibly spend $2000 on a BROOM?

I know what you’re thinking (well not actually; do you think I can blog and read minds?) but what you’re thinking is, ‘oh honey, this broom is NOT WORTH $2000. I bought the same one from IKEA for like $20. Pleeease tell me you accidentally added two zeros to that?’

Well, yes and no. You see, the broom you see here is from IKEA. And it did cost something like $20 (they don’t seem to sell it anymore, or any brooms for that matter). But, to be honest, we NEVER sweep. HORROR. Never fear though, we still clean, I just vacuum everything, because Miele sucks dust better than brooms sweep it. Fact. Of. Life.

I am getting sidetracked, though, because what you really want to know is where I spent $2000 on a broom. Well here:

How I spent $2000 on a wedding dress only for it to end up as a broom

That’s right. IT IS MY WEDDING DRESS. And it has been gloriously sweeping our bedroom floor for NINE MONTHS! What can I say? I am slightly ashamed, I mean, it once looked like this:

How I spent $2000 on a wedding dress only for it to end up as a broom

And now, well, now it looks pretty much the same. Just a bit dirtier, it’s seen a bit more of life. Kind of like when you’re a kid and then suddenly you have callouses on your feet, and you’re like ‘wha?’. Like that. That is how my wedding dress feels.

How could I possibly let things get this bad? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, we don’t have a whole lot of storage/space in our flat, and our clothes racks just don’t fit that dress (yet another reason why clothes racks suck). Our budget certainly doesn’t seem to allow for us to get it dry-cleaned anytime soon ($500?!!), and my Mum’s idea of stuffing it into a pillowcase just doesn’t really appeal to me, and probably doesn’t to my dress either.

People also talk about selling their dresses. *BAAARGH* WRONG ANSWER. I don’t think I could do this. Don’t get me wrong, I admire anyone who can, but I am too much of a sentimental soul to get rid of such a thing.

So that brings me back to its current status as a broom. It’s probably not the best solution ever. But on the bright side:

(a) Every time we open or close the door, cleaning occurs. Without even trying! Win.

(b) I still get to see my dress every single day.

Maybe it was worth the $2000*.

*I forget how much it actually cost.

10 thoughts on “My $2000 Broom

  1. Ruthie, your dress is soooo beautiful! And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been married four and a half years now and I’ve STILL not had it cleaned (Oops! There’s a good chance that huge red wine stain is here to stay). It is in a dress bag, at least… Though it’s stuffed (and I mean stuffed) down between my wardrobe and the wall.


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