The Prestigious Liebster Award

Liebster Award - it's not orange

After blogging for just under one month, I was blown away when I found that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Rockford Peachy. THANK YOU! Rockford Peachy is a gem and I almost chose the same blog layout as her so that basically makes us soul sistas.

The Liebster Award gets passed from blogger to blogger to encourage bloggers to blog. It also helps bloggers to get involved in the blogger community, and get support from one another. As a part of the award I’ve answered a few questions and linked to a few blogs that I like, to nominate them for this Liebster honour. (Also, don’t you LOVE the word ‘blog’? Who came up with this word? I can’t stop saying it. Blog blog blog blogger blog blog.) Continue reading “The Prestigious Liebster Award”